Thursday, January 7, 2010


What could we have done
This is what's gone
You've asked too many
Lost in control for our symphony

Wretched because of pain
I'd soaked myself in the rain
While you looked in my eyes
And praying for the skies

You stand by me
By reflection in reality
Near the phone booth infront of the mirror
Watching our reflection away from danger

I've finally eased away
From where I start
To the end of way
Targetting the point of my heart

I had stand by you
I had left because of who
Myself am dissapointed because
Not being able to make you smile in the forest

Here, is where you begin
To stop crying, and try to smile
Stop the sadness which I brought you in
Find the way to forget every fire


" I'll still remember those as memories. "

-John Ryan, 3C ( ukm )

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