Monday, January 11, 2010

I don't know.

You should've known
When I had you crowned
To be the one I'll hope, and have faith in
Things just end up dead in the inn

Covered with blood

Cover the hole which you dug
Just to bury the treasure
Memories, Forever

Let everyone acknowledge me
With the large gap of personality
Between you and me
There's just things you can't see

" We are the world. "
Trying to make all people as one
Change their eyes from gold
To the ones we can always hold

Gather together
Save us to the land
Wonder seas are there forever
And skies we could never grasp in our hand

But now, I just don't know
Who to trust, who to cling onto now
Light the path I need desperately
Somehow, I'm still alone in my destiny

----------- John Ryan, 3C

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