Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gamble, The Common People Nowadays.

The bright blue skies
And all the clean lies
The same mistake twice
We didn't even realise

We copy other people's personality or style
Some for fame, some for a smile
We love one another for a while
Then after the 'fun' we keep our distance by a mile

"What is forever?"
"Forever = Whatever" is your answer?
You say you love her
Your heart says " I?" later.

You didn't revise
You have no formula for any answer on trail
Your head feels heavier
Your mind says: "I'm going to fail."

We know we are failure
Some changed, some just didn't care
They go on meaningless pilgrimage
And regret when they age

All we need is LOVE.
We go round the world
And see they have the fake and wrong kind of love
Ends up wasting with them to have a word

Teachers gave us knowledge
But us students, didn't bother to acknowledge
We always regret it later
And can't forgive ourselves or teachers

We used to say: "My ambition is to become a pilot!"
Now: " I don't really care what job I have, as long as it's easy and pays a lot."
We realized, we got ashamed
But gets over it by only 3 days for every name

And some had gathered together
To make all of this better
We keep our promises
Achieving what was our compromises

I spoke my mind,
I understand what is pure and true LOVE,
I believe we WILL become better by time,
And I will continue living smooth life covered in dove.


John, 3rk.

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