Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm just alone here.

i'll do well
i'll be the best
after every each of my dwell
i still wish to pass all the test

it's killing me
when you try to leave
how could this exist in the possibility?
maybe you really should break the crest leaves

i hope i'm iced
i'll turn into madness
while respecting your lies
i won't stay in your darkness

i'd throw myself into the skies
as long as you won't be in the piles
i have to try to smile
while accepting what's testing me on this isle

i leaned on you too long
it's time to go on
i'll try not to walk behind the doom
i'll be safe to stay in my room


" You two really done it this time.
It breaks me out. chao! Not in the mood for this thing. "

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